Wood Fence Fittings

Gate Hardware


Complete Set Of Wood Gate Hardware

  • Comes with reversible latch, two 8” strap hinge, one handle, and lags.

  • Strike bar

  • 8” strap hinges

  • Handle

  • Set of lags

  • Reversible latch

Wood Fence Brackets

Cane Pole
The 48" tall powder coated cain pole comes with guides and black logs. It is used to secure one side of a double drive gate.



Slide Bolt Latch
A powder coated multi-purpose latch. Allows gate to swing inward or outward. Allows for a pad lock.

Heavy Duty John Co. Strap

Used to attached directly to the metal post with a male hinge. 5/8" eye by 10" long. Pre drilled with three holes.

Gate Handle
Used to pull gate open 6" in length.




Wheel for Wooden Swing Gate
Used to aid heavy wooden gates to open with "out" an sagging or dragging of the gate. Uses a 6" solid rubber, tire, and can be bolted to wooden gate frame.

Wooden Frame Hardware

Complete set of Wood Gate Hardware

8" Tee Hinge

The 8" tee hinge is powder coated and comes with logs. Can be sold in a pair or as a single.

Reversible Deluxe Gate Latch

This latch is longer than the standard gate latch. Since it is longer this gives room to put a lock on either side of the gate.

Reversible Standard Wood Gate Latch
The reversible standard latch is powder coated, and it comes with a striker bar, and black log bolts.

Complete Set of Double Drive Wood Gate Hardware
Comes with a complete set of Double Drive wood gate hardware.

- 4 pieces of 8" Strap Hinge



- Reversible standard wood Gate Latch



- 2 pieces of Handles



- 1 piece at 48" Cam Pole with guides.




Fort Latch
The fort catch comes with four pieces of powder coated L brackets, and logs. Used to latch double drive wooded gates with a 2x4.

Wood to Steel Bracket


Two Piece Bracket
Used to correct 2x4s to metal post assemblys with two 5/16x2 1/4 cranage belt. Fits 2" or 2 3/8".

Simpson Strong Tie
A one piece bracket used to mount 2x4s to metal post. Comes with screws. Fits 2 3/8".



Universal Bracket
A two piece bracket with an interchangeable brace band. That allows you to mount to vrtually any post size.
Fits 1 3/8-6 5/8.


Import Bracket
A popualr bracket that is mounted to the post with two set screws to hold 2x4s to post. Fits 2 3/8.



Heavy Wood To Steel Bracket
Differs from the Import bracket with widenlip and stronger set screw. Fits 2 3/8 & 2 7/8.



Outside Corner Bracket
Used for when pickets are mounted on the outside of the yard. 90 degree corner comes with self mounting set screws. Fits 2 3/8" or 3".



Inside Corner Bracket

Used for when pickets are mounted on the inside of the yard 90 degree corner comes with self mounting set screws. Fits 2 3/8"